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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 May, 2004, 11:17 GMT 12:17 UK
Big Ben chimes to ring in Siberia
Big Ben
The school's clock will be finished with gold leaf
The sound of Big Ben will soon ring out over Siberia, thanks to a specialist clock company in Herefordshire.

Sable Fabrications in Marden, whose expertise is in making tower clocks, received an inquiry from a Russian school over the internet.

The firm is now producing four clock faces and a digital sound system that reproduces the chimes of Westminster.

Once the gold clock is installed in a 100ft tower, the chimes will ring out hourly across the school's campus.

'Double-thickness gold'

Company spokesman Leigh Sanders said the finished clock would look spectacular.

"It's a 23-and-a quarter carat gold leaf and the numbers are about nine or 10 inches high.

"So it has swallowed up quite a lot of Welsh gold.

"It takes about a day per dial just to gild and the hands are bigger than we are.

"They take, well I'm not going to say the money side of it, but they take quite a lot of gold and that's double-thickness gold."

The company is travelling to Russia to install the clock next month.

The school is in a town called Surgut in the Tumenskaya region of the country.

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