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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 April, 2004, 15:12 GMT 16:12 UK
Five years for attacks on boys
A former novice monk who sexually abused three school pupils has been jailed for five years.

Worcester Crown Court heard how John Kinsey, 46, abused the boys over two years while a Benedictine initiate at Belmont Abbey, Hereford, in the 1980s.

He returned to the Abbey as a priest but quit in 2002 after a complaint was made to the police by one victim.

The judge told Kinsey, of Whitchurch, Cardiff, that he had done incalculable damage to the boys.

Kinsey, who later became a Roman Catholic priest, groped the boys on a weekly basis while teaching bell-ringing and altar server duties.

The incidents of abuse progressed and he attacked one teenager while the youth was playing a church organ and another while he was being taught how to swing an incense burner.

You know that you should have been someone the boys could trust absolutely
Judge Andrew Geddes

Kinsey was arrested in June 2003 and found guilty of seven counts of indecent assault.

Passing sentence, Judge Andrew Geddes said: "You were a Roman Catholic priest and an initiate monk and, as such, had access to the boys.

"You know that you should have been someone the boys could trust absolutely.

He added: "Instead, you abused that trust and indecently assaulted three boys aged between 14 and 16.

"The damage you have done to them and their lives is incalculable, although you may have noticed during the course of the trial we were catching a glimpse of their distress."

Kinsey invited one boy to his parents' home in Wales and gave another 400 for a flight to see him in Rome where he was studying to be a priest.

Christopher Vosper, defending, said his client, who had denied all charges, was no longer a danger to children.

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