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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 January, 2004, 19:05 GMT
Find is declared 'treasure trove'
A 13th Century silver brooch dug up in Worcestershire cannot be kept by its finder, a coroner has ruled.

The artefact, which was unearthed in Martley, was one of two discoveries of buried treasure that the Worcestershire coroner ruled on on Tuesday.

Victor Round also decided that 15 Roman coins dug up in Chaddesley Corbett are treasure trove.

It means the items will become the property of the state and will eventually be offered to the British Museum.

The coins are believed to part of a hoard of 419 coins found in 1999 which were deemed treasure trove, and therefore the same ruling applied to the latest find.

Both the coins and the brooch will now be sent to an independent valuation committee made up of people from museums, auction houses and the metal detecting community.

If the British Museum does not want the items, local museums will get the chance to buy them.

Worcestershire County Museum at Hartlebury has the haul of 419 Roman coins and is likely to be offered the chance to buy the latest discovery.

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