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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 December, 2003, 20:01 GMT
Mobile phone mast vandalised
The mast is the second in the Midlands to be vandalised
Vandals have pulled down a mobile phone mast in Worcestershire - the second in the Midlands in recent months.

The mast's owners, mobile phone company 02, say the vandals have caused thousands of pounds of damage and mobile users have suffered a reduction in the service as a result.

They believe the attackers broke through an unsecured fence before pushing over the structure.

The 45ft high tower at Hampton near Evesham was toppled over after supporting bolts were unscrewed.

Reviewing security

The company is installing a temporary tower to get mobile phone service in the area back to its normal level and will be reviewing the level of security at the site.

Last month a controversial mobile phone mast in the West Midlands, which was blamed by locals for a cluster of health scares, was pulled down.

The mast at Wishaw, near Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, fell down on Bonfire Night, again after bolts were removed from the base.

Residents have now bought the mast from a scrap yard and plan to sell parts of it off as souvenirs.

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