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Wobbly road lines puzzle drivers
The line
Council bosses admit the lines have been a mistake
Strange wobbly road lines have been introduced on a village road in an attempt to keep speeding motorists on the straight and narrow.

But road safety chiefs admit a blunder led them to paint lines that weave in much further than they intended.

The lines were put in on the road in East Boldre in the New Forest to get motorists to think about their driving. Hampshire County Council admits that a "misinterpretation" of the road width now needs putting right.

The mistake led to the lines swerving half a metre further out than they were supposed to.
I have had comments that it is aesthetically unpleasant and I have had comments from people who thank God that we have done something
Parish council chairman Alan Erricker

Council leader Ken Thornber told the BBC that the council now hoped to erase the wrong lines as quickly as possible.

He said: "We hold our hands up - they are a mistake and we will put them right."

Council spokeswoman Kirsty Gunner said: "White lining can be used to help reduce traffic speeds by making roads look narrower.

"What has happened here is that due to a misinterpretation of the road width shown on the plan in a few places the lines have come in further than was intended."

The markings form part of a pilot scheme to reduce speeds on the 40mph road so that a further reduction to a permanent 30mph limit can be carried out safely.

The road in East Boldre
The lines extend further into the road than they are supposed to
Members of the local parish council have been troubled for years by the speeds of drivers passing through the village.

But chairman Alan Erricker told BBC News Online he was a little surprised by what was finally introduced.

He said: "It looks a little bit different to what we envisaged and when you look at it there's probably one or two parts of it that perhaps could be smartened up a bit.

"I have had comments that it is aesthetically unpleasant and I have had comments from people who thank God that we have done something.

"You have to take an innovative approach.

"I can take you to other villages that have done nothing but put up 30mph signs and traffic is totally ignoring them.

"I would not be surprised to see similar schemes put in elsewhere if we can demonstrate that it works."



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