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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 March, 2004, 11:28 GMT
Queen to meet foul-mouthed parrot
African grey parrot
Sunny is an African Grey parrot
The Queen may meet a foul-mouthed parrot during her visit to Portsmouth Naval Base on Friday.

Sunny, who lives on board the warship HMS Lancaster, is infamous throughout the fleet for her vocabulary of four-letter words.

A spokesman for the Royal Navy said officers had no intention of taking the African grey ashore to avoid the Queen.

He said the Queen could meet the parrot if she wished, during her tour of the ship with Prince Philip.

Sunny lives in the ward room of the ship - the officers' mess - and was brought on board to boost morale.

Reports had suggested the popular pet would be taken off the ship for Friday's visit.

During a visit to the 100m Type 23 frigate, the fleet's Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Sir Alan West, overheard Sunny's string of expletives as he briefed the crew.



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