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Bus of shame for bad behaviour
The Pink Peril
It is hoped the threat of the Pink Peril will cut misbehaviour
The threat of arriving at school on a pink "punishment bus" is acting as a deterrent to badly behaved youngsters.

The bus known as "Pink Peril" is the Isle of Wight Crime and Disorder Partnership's answer to misbehaviour on school buses.

Niki Haytack, Crime and Disorder Manager, said: "When troublemakers get a taste of the pink medicine, they don't want a second dose."

Threatening, abusive, violent or disruptive behaviour earns offending youngsters a ticket on the bus of shame.

'Cold comfort'

The Pink Peril, or bus number 283, is the oldest vehicle in the Southern Vectis fleet.

The heating has been deliberately taken out to provide cold comfort to transgressors.

Ms Haytack said: "Parents and teachers are fully supportive of the 'punishment bus' and parents say they have seen a change in the youngsters who previously misbehaved.

"Also, this is not about punishment, it is about managing the behaviour of a disruptive minority.

"It means that the majority of children who are well-behaved can travel to and from school in peace and safety."



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