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Sit-in workers set for eviction

Vestas protest
Vestas has blamed the closure on a drop in demand

Six sit-in protesters at a wind turbine blade factory on the Isle of Wight will be removed by bailiffs at 1200 BST on Friday unless they leave beforehand.

The workers have remained inside Vestas' Newport plant since 20 July in a protest at plans to axe 625 jobs.

The Danish firm won a possession order on Tuesday but was forced to apply for a warrant to remove the workers.

Bailiffs, who can use "reasonable force" to evict the men, gave them 24 hours notice earlier.

Newport County Court told the BBC approval for the warrant was an administrative process.

We have said all along we will come out peacefully when it ends
Sit-in protester

One of the workers inside the building said: "We are all still saying we want to stay as long as we can.

"But we have said all along we will come out peacefully when it ends.

"We don't want to give in to Vestas management, considering the way they have treated us."

Three workers left the sit-in for personal reasons on Tuesday and another had to leave to prepare for a charity cycle ride.

Six workers remain inside but the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) said that at times up to 25 people were involved in the sit-in inside the factory.

Eviction notice
The sit-in protesters were served with the eviction notice on Thursday

Peter Kruse, Vestas spokesman, said: "This is just the natural step in the development.

"We are hoping for a peaceful outcome of this occupation.

"We have always understood the frustrations of the workers but have been surprised at the length of this action."

Vestas has blamed the plans to lay off the 625 workers on a drop in demand.

Meanwhile five people are continuing a rooftop protest at Vestas' Venture Quays building in Cowes.

The four men and one woman climbed on to the building on Tuesday and have hung banners reading "In solidarity with the Vestas workers" and "Fight for green jobs".

One of them, 44-year-old Martin Shaw, said: "We will wait to see what the Vestas guys do once this warrant is served.

"If they think us staying here will help the cause we will do that."

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