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Six hurt as horse bolts at crowd

Ambulance crews help the injured
St John Ambulance were on hand at the event to help (picture Alan East)

Two people have sustained fractured ankles and a pregnant woman is being treated for shock after being hit by a bolting horse at a show in Hampshire.

The Shire horse was part of a heavy horse event in Southsea when it ran into the crowd at about 1500 BST.

The pregnant woman was taken to hospital as a precaution and treated for shock. A man in his 20s and a woman went to hospital with fractured ankles.

Three other injured people were treated by St John Ambulance at the show.

People were screaming as they saw it coming
Eyewitness Alan East

Eyewitness Alan East from Southsea, said: "You could see the horse didn't look happy as it was being paraded around, it was kicking out.

"Then it careered off round the field and suddenly crashed through a fence and it was away.

"People were screaming as they saw it coming. There were lots of children running around and it was lucky it didn't hit any of them.

"Fairly quickly the horse was held back and taken back to the stables, people were very shocked, three people were on the ground.

"It was very lucky more people were not hurt, it is a big animal."

Siobhan Hand from St John Ambulance said: "Three people were taken to hospital with broken bones and shock.

"A further three people were treated at our first aid points at the scene."

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