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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 March 2008, 13:20 GMT
Crematorium set to offer webcasts
A Hampshire city crematorium is set to start offering its funerals as webcasts on the internet.

Mourners will have to pay 75 for a password to access a live broadcast of the Southampton Crematorium service.

They can also get a DVD for 50 and a sound recording will cost 25. Southampton City Council said the new service would start from 1 April.

A council spokeswoman said it would allow people who could not be there in person to still "attend" the funeral.

The filming of the service will be done with a small, discreet camera at the back of the room and it will be streamed online with a 20-second delay.

'Profits negligible'

About 3,500 cremations are carried out every year at the East and West chapels of the council-run establishment.

The money charged for the webcast will be used to cover the running costs of the equipment and internet uploading fees, the spokeswoman said.

"Of the money, 35 will go the company which provides the recording service and the rest will be ploughed into maintaining the equipment," she said.

"It costs about 4,000 a year to have the two chapels wired up and when it comes profits, they are negligible."

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