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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 11:33 GMT 12:33 UK
Wobbly road lines to be repainted
The wobbly road markings
The wonky markings appeared on the A337 Lyndhurst to Cadnam road
Road safety chiefs have told contractors to re-paint a busy village road after they put in wobbly white lines while working in the dark.

The wonky markings on the re-laid A337 Lyndhurst to Cadnam road in the New Forest, Hampshire, appeared last week.

But they have since become a source of amusement for some motorists.

Dissatisfied Hampshire County Council bosses, who also found other lines that were painted had no spaces between them, said the work was "unacceptable".

Traffic disruption

George Bisson, chairman of nearby Lyndhurst Parish Council, said it was "no wonder the lines were wonky because they were painted in the dark with only a small mobile light unit to illuminate the way".

He added: "I was returning from a holiday in France at about midnight last week, when I saw they were painting in the lines and I thought 'good'.

"Presumably they were doing it then to prevent traffic disruption but perhaps it was counter-productive."

A spokeswoman for Hampshire County Council said: "We've refused the work on quality and we're now awaiting the contractors to carry out the repaint work until we are satisfied."

Drivers in the New Forest faced a similar problem in 2004 after wildly swerving lines were mistakenly painted on a road in East Boldre.

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