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College teachers strike over pay
Havant College strike
Teachers held a picket outside Havant College in a strike over pay
More than 50 teachers at a college in Hampshire are on strike over pay.

NUT members at Havant College are protesting at what they say is the college's refusal to honour the National Pay Agreement for teachers.

It follows a staff restructuring at the sixth form college to cut costs, but teachers say the institution is playing a "lottery" with their careers.

The college said it is business as usual and the reorganisation allows it to invest in materials and training.

Strike action began with a picket at the college in the morning.

Teachers said they understood the college needed to find savings to ensure its future and growth, but added that cutting staff costs meant compromising the quality of teaching.

The strike follows two years of negotiations and teachers are angry at what they say are pay cuts of up to 7,000 a year.

'Snakes and ladders'

Phil Turner, the NUT representative at Havant College, said: "We are the best college in the area with first class professional teachers, meeting professional standards and we're getting second rate pay.

"The renegade management is playing a lottery game of snakes and ladders with us. We have no alternative but to protest."

The college said some former managers and tutors at risk of redundancy had accepted main grade teaching jobs and the savings would allow the college to increase investment.

John McDougall, college principal, said: "Students have been able to continue to prepare for their exams in a supportive, productive and professional learning environment."

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