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'Stumpy' now a three-legged duck
Stumpy the Duck and owner Nicky Janaway before he lost his leg
The mutation is rare but cases have been recorded elsewhere
A duck who became famous after he was born with four legs has lost one of his extra limbs.

Stumpy was born at Warrawee Duck Farm, Hampshire, in February, with an extra set of legs behind the two he moves on.

His owner Nicky Janaway, who was amazed Stumpy had thrived into adulthood, said he caught one of his extra legs, which stuck out, in his pen's fencing.

But she said it was a plus for Stumpy as, without the flailing leg, the duck could now safely roam the whole farm.

Mrs Janaway said: "He's now only got three legs and a stump which means he's Stumpy by name and stumpy by nature.

"He got the leg caught in the pen fencing. He clean snapped it but he had no idea anything had happened so he may not have had any sensation in it."

Given him freedom

Stumpy had shocked his owners when he was born on the New Forest farm with the rare mutation.

A duckling, called Jake, was born with a similar mutation in Australia in 2002, but died soon after birth.

However, Stumpy's condition earned him fame - he made the headlines and made television appearances across the globe after his birth and an online blog has been ensuring fans can follow his every move.

Stumpy had been housed in the pen as Mrs Janaway said she was fearful if he had been free to wander the farm he would have got stuck somewhere and she would not have found him.

Mrs Janaway said: "The good thing that has come out of it is that he can now roam the farm and he and his girlfriend duck Alice are harassing the others.

"It has given him his freedom - the other leg is tucked up so it has no chance of getting stuck."

Losing an extra leg has not stopped Stumpy getting around

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