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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 09:10 GMT 10:10 UK
Unmanned sub used to clear mines
The Talisman
The shape was designed in conjunction with a motor racing firm
An unmanned submarine which detects and destroys unexploded mines has been unveiled in Hampshire.

The Talisman, which is size of a small family car, was built in Waterlooville by BAE Systems.

The mini-submarine can operate at depths of more than 490ft (150m) and detonates unexploded mines using remotely-controlled robots.

The device will be used to carry out the dangerous role of mine-clearing currently performed by divers.

Futuristic technology

The design goes on show at the Ocean Business Conference in Southampton this week.

Andy Tonge, Talisman project manager, said: "We now see, as a matter of routine, unmanned air vehicles flying over Iraq, flying over Bosnia, but 10 years ago that technology was futuristic.

"We're doing the same under water.

"Talisman M can perform the type of dangerous roles currently performed by service men and women throughout the world - locate, identify and neutralise mines in one single mission without the need for human intervention."

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