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Last Updated: Saturday, 24 March 2007, 11:38 GMT
Hungry horse freed from caravan
Horse in caravan
The horse was unable to get out and became distressed
A hungry horse needed to be cut free from a caravan after he got trapped inside while searching for food.

The two-year-old horse called Triple Five smelled food in the caravan - which is used as a food store - and went in search of a snack.

He managed to open the door of the caravan in Newgate Lane, Fareham, Hampshire, with his teeth but was then unable to get out.

The horse was sedated before firefighters cut a hole in the caravan.

A hole was cut in the caravan
Fire crews used electric saws to cut a hole in the caravan

Animal expert Anton Phillips, with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, was at the scene on Friday afternoon.

He said the 14.3-hand horse had managed to open the caravan door with his teeth and climbed in.

"Unfortunately he was unable to turn around to get out.

"His owner managed to calm him until we arrived.

"Triple Five was sedated by a vet, after which we cut a hole in the caravan in order to ease him out. It was a successful extrication," he said.

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