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Last Updated: Friday, 2 March 2007, 13:36 GMT
Fireman rescues dog stuck in pot
Siberian Husky Scarlet Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue
Scarlet was soon back to her playful self after the accident
A dog who got her head stuck in a pot had to be rescued by the fire service in Hampshire.

The mishap occurred when Siberian husky, Scarlet, got her head stuck in a terracotta pot while playing in her garden in Church Road, Locks Heath.

The 17-month-old popped her head inside the pot when a pebble dropped into it.

Her worried owner called Hampshire fire service who sent an animal rescue specialist to remove the pot, returning Scarlet to her playful self.

Anton Phillips, from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service's rural safety team, said: "This was quite an unusual call.

"The owner did a great job in keeping Scarlet as calm as possible before I got there.

"As you can see, Scarlet was completely unharmed in the incident and was immediately back to her old self."

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