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Fisherman's mammoth oyster find
Oscar the oyster (left)
Local fishermen estimated "Oscar" to be 80 years old.
A huge oyster, described as the size of a dinner plate, has been found by a fisherman on the Isle of Wight.

The oyster, named Oscar as it was found during Oscars week, was found by fisherman Mike Towill as he searched Woodside Bay, near Ryde, at low tide.

Mr Towill, 18, who works for a local fishery said he had been looking for winkles and was amazed when he found the 1.4kg (3lb) shellfish.

Local fishermen have estimated the oyster to be about 80 years old.

Farmed oysters are normally about 100g, and two or three years old, when they are sold.

Local aquariums had been asked if they would like the giant find, but the oyster is to be returned to the sea.

Mr Towill's father Trevor, of Wooton Fisheries, had been looking after the oyster in a tank and said he had not seen an oyster like Oscar in his 35 year fishing career.

He told BBC news: "We're actually going to take it back to Ryde Pier and let it go under the pier and hopefully it will spend many more years under the pier and have a great life."

The oyster is weighed up

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