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Women campaign on disabled badges
Kelli-Ann Rushton, left, and Helen Grindrod want temporary badges
Two women, whose young daughters suffer from hip disorders, have launched a campaign to change the law on blue disability parking badges.

Helen Grindrod and Kelli-Ann Rushton's daughters both suffer from congenital hip displacia leaving them immobile and requiring regular hospital treatment.

But due to the girls' age and type of disability, their mothers are not entitled to the blue badges.

Now the women, from Basingstoke, are petitioning for temporary badges.

We are going out to consultation on the question of extending the scheme to children under the age of two
Department for Transport

Mrs Grindrod's daughter Mia has to wear a braced cast on both legs for eight months.

She says Mia is heavy in the cast and she fears dislocating a leg when getting her out of the car in tight spaces.

She added: "We need to have the space to get her out of the car, we need to get the car door open as wide as it will go."

Regulations specify that disability parking badges can only be issued for a three-year period.

Mrs Rushton, said: "We just really want somebody to look at the legislation and see how can we improve this.

Medical equipment

"If we can claim disability allowance then surely our children are classed as having a disability?"

In 2002, the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee made recommendations to government to improve the blue badge scheme, including extending it to children aged under two whose condition requires bulky medical equipment.

The recommendation has yet to be adopted.

In a statement, the Department for Transport said: "We are going out to consultation on the question of extending the scheme to children under the age of two, along with several other issues, and hope to publish the draft regulatory package by the end of the year.

"Following consultation, we aim to implement the changes as soon as possible."

The mothers talk about their campaign

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