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Clown fears thwart festival theme
Ticket holders told organisers they were too scared of clowns to come
Organisers of a music festival have had to change their fancy dress circus theme after some ticket holders told them they had a phobia of clowns.

The Bestival, which takes place on 8, 9 and 10 September near Newport, Isle of Wight, had asked festival-goers to turn up in curly wigs and large shoes.

But organisers decided to shelve the idea after a number of ticket holders said they suffered from Coulrophobia.

Revellers are still encouraged to wear fancy dress but to avoid clown outfits.

Organisers have suggested people instead turn up in "bunny ears, a Spam tin outfit, an astronaut's helmet, a witch's hat or just a plain old Buzz Lightyear lycra all-in-one" for the concerts which include performances by the Pet Shop Boys and the Scissor Sisters.

The Bestival, at Robin Hill Country Park, broke the Guinness World Record last year for the biggest fancy dress party when 10,000 people turned up dressed as cowboys and Indians.

Coulrophobia - fear of clowns - can cause panic attacks, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and overall feelings of dread.

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