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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 January 2006, 12:40 GMT
Sub captain cleared of bullying
Captain Robert Tarrant
Captain Robert Tarrant always denied the bullying charges
A submarine captain has been cleared of verbally abusing his crew and reducing them to tears with angry tirades.

Captain Robert Tarrant denied intimidating and abusing two officers while aboard the nuclear-powered Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Talent.

A panel of naval officers cleared Capt Tarrant of two charges of ill-treating Lieutenant Commander Ryan Ramsey and Lieutenant James Carrick.

He was earlier cleared of three other charges at the Portsmouth hearing.

Judge Advocate Jack Bayliss had ruled that the Navy panel acquit him of those three charges against two officers and a rating after he ruled there was no evidence to answer.

'Considerable pressure'

Capt Tarrant said: "The Royal Navy and the Armed Forces have a zero tolerance of bullying and harassment, and it is quite right that these allegations should have been thoroughly investigated; and they have.

"I am innocent and have been found not guilty on all charges.

"Regrettably this has taken a very long time and has placed considerable pressure upon my family and myself.

"I intend and look forward to continuing my service in the Royal Navy to the best of my ability."

The court martial at Portsmouth Naval Base had heard allegations that Capt Tarrant would reduce members of his crew to tears by shouting at them for extended periods at a time and at very close distance.

Commander Alison Towler, prosecuting, had said that Capt Tarrant's behaviour towards his subordinates could not be excused by the stress or demands of being involved in top-secret naval missions.

But Capt Tarrant has always denied the charges, saying he was only maintaining the high standards he had learned while serving during the Falklands War.

The panel took one hour to find Capt Tarrant not guilty.

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