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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 09:49 GMT
Classical music to ward off gangs
Antonio Vivaldi
It remains to be seen if the works of Vivaldi prove a deterrent
Southampton is the latest city to hear classical music being played outside convenience stores to deter gangs of youngsters from hanging around.

Eight Co-op stores in the city are broadcasting the works of Mozart and Vivaldi on external speakers.

Store bosses claim the music is working in keeping "intimidating" gangs away.

"Playing the music makes our shops less cool as places for youngsters to hang out," said Andy Pope, the store chain's regional loss prevention manager.

We have proved that classical music does move youths on
Andy Pope, Co-Op

The introduction of the scheme in the Southampton area comes after it was piloted at 13 stores across the country.

The company is trying out different composers to find out which is the most successful in keeping youngsters away.

The works of Mozart only are being played at one store in Burgess Road while another down the road is only playing Vivaldi.

"We already know that different types of music affect people in different ways and we have proved that classical music does move youths on.

"Now we want to know if different types of classical music have a greater or lesser effect," said Mr Pope.

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