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Alopecia girl angry over eBay wig
Roxanne Hallett
Roxanne has suffered taunts from classmates about her hair
A teenage girl who is going bald is distraught after spending her savings on what she fears may have been a cruel con trick on eBay.

Roxanne Hallett, 16, paid for a long brown wig with highlights, made from human hair, to hide her alopecia.

But more than three months after the college student from Southampton sent $70 to a US seller on the auction site, she has still not received the wig.

An eBay spokesperson said they would investigate the matter.

I'm really upset that people can get away with this
Roxanne Hallett

Despite a number of tests, doctors have yet to discover why Roxanne began to go bald when she was just 13.

She has since lost most of her hair, but had to wait a year for a synthetic wig on the NHS.

In the meantime, the teenager received abusive phone calls from classmates taunting her about her hair loss.

At the end of September, she paid $62.98 for the wig and a further $6 was later charged to her mother's bank card.

'Quite devastating'

Roxanne told BBC News: "I got five emails from the seller, each time promising that it would arrive the next week, so I kept waiting.

"I have tried to file a complaint with eBay but because I waited they say it is now too late.

"I've been wearing hats and have a synthetic wig from the NHS, which has gone really frizzy where it rubs my clothes.

"It doesn't look very natural, but I'm trying to cope with it.

"I'm really upset and annoyed that people can get away with this."

Her mother Liz Hallett told BBC News: "At Roxanne's age it has been quite devastating for her to lose her hair but she has coped really well.

"She really wanted a wig made from real hair and is very upset that it has not arrived.

"We want the wig or her money back. It is not a great deal of money, but it is to Roxanne as she saved up for it."

An eBay spokesperson said: "Customer support is aware of this case and is currently liaising with the seller and investigating the case further."

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