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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 June, 2005, 11:42 GMT 12:42 UK
Dig uncovers prehistoric remains
Excavations from 1920s
Excavations in the 1920s found Stone Age tools at the site
One of the South's most important early prehistoric sites is currently being investigated by archaeologists.

The team are excavating in Pan, on the Isle Of Wight, for four weeks as the area has been earmarked for housing development in the future.

On Tuesday - only the second day of the dig - remains of medieval agricultural and Stone Age flints were discovered.

The archaeologists will be providing site visits for the public, the first of which is on Saturday afternoon.

Ruth Waller, from the Isle of Wight County Archaeology Service, said: "We want to thoroughly involve the Pan community into helping discover some of their own history and heritage."

The Archaeology South East team is in the process of excavating 54 sites and, after the discoveries on Tuesday, they hope to find many more artefacts.

This is an exciting excavation which offers a rare opportunity to enrich our knowledge about the past
Ian Ward

The last time the area was examined was in the 1920s when tools were found that dated back to when Neanderthals were hunting on the land.

The archaeologists believe there may also be an undiscovered medieval village buried beneath the houses and fields of modern Pan.

Councillor Ian Ward, from Isle of Wight Council, said: "This is an exciting excavation which offers a rare opportunity to enrich our knowledge about the past and gain a better understanding of how this has affected modern day development.

"It will also enable us to preserve and protect the Island's heritage for many years to come."

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