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College apologies for racist book
Winchester College
Winchester College costs students 22,000-a-year
One of Britain's top public schools apologised after pupils made racist remarks about classmates in a yearbook.

The book is an unofficial annual publication by pupils at Winchester College in Hampshire.

It is believed the book contained racist and homophobic remarks directed at black, Asian and Jewish pupils.

Both the headmaster and the authors of the yearbook apologised to the offended boys. The authors were suspended following the publication.

No discrimination of any sort is tolerated.
Tommy Cookson, Headmaster

The book is thought to have been published unchecked in a rush at the end of the last summer term.

The teenagers, who were all in their final year of sixth-form, have now left the college.

The Headmaster Tommy Cookson said: " This was not an official school publication.

"As soon as the offending passages came to the attention of the school we made every effort to seize all copies.

"The boys were immediately suspended until the end of term. The school has a very clear policy on such matters.

"No discrimination of any sort is tolerated."

The Headmaster wrote personally and apologised to the offended boys and their parents.

They are reported to have accepted the apologies of the boys who had written the entries.

The 600-year-old school teaches about 770 boys and costs 22,000-a-year.

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22 Aug 03  |  Hampshire/Dorset

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