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Boxing Day hunt supporters meet

Hunting supporters at a traditional Boxing Day meet in Gloucestershire say they will continue to fight to overturn a ban on using dogs to hunt foxes.

Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt, said the current law, brought in five years ago, was "unworkable".

Anti-hunting campaigners said they would watch the meeting closely.

Hunting foxes with dogs was outlawed in 2005, although hounds are still allowed to follow a scent or flush out a fox, but not kill it.

Mr Farquhar said: "You've got to accept we think this is an an unworkable act. MPs took 700 hours to produce an act that doesn't work.

"They sent troops to Afghanistan with hardly any debate at all. We're confident a Conservative government would honour its pledge to give a free vote for repeal."

Linda Graham, from the Cotswold Support Group for the Abolition of Hunting, said: "We don't expect the law to be broken and we'll be watching to make sure it isn't.

"If we see anything untoward happening, we will catch it on film and use it as evidence in court.

"We would like to think the Commons wont take up any more valuable parliamentary time debating whether to lift the ban. If it is repealed, we will start our campaign again."

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