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'Excessive' road signage reviewed


Possible U-turn sign U-turn

The installation of 35 No U-turn signs on a half mile stretch of the A419 in Gloucestershire is under review.

The road signs appear on roughly every other lamp post between the M5 at junction 13 and Stonehouse.

Some drivers and local residents had complained there were too many of the signs, which cost 120 each.

A highways spokesman admitted the number was "quite excessive", but a regular reminder for drivers joining the A419 from side roads was helpful.

Resident John Bond said: "Every week, householders are encouraged to save energy.

"That's fair enough, but I do think the authorities should do the same.

"Driving along the Ebley Road, it's amazing to find how many of the road signs are lit during the day time. Not only that, there are far more roads signs than are necessary."

Scott Tompkins from Gloucestershire Highways admitted the number was a bit excessive.

"We think it's historical, some had been there for 15 years when the Ebley bypass was first built.

"We believe there was a U-turn issue when the bypass was first put in because the road was so wide, but [the number] does seem quite excessive."

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