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Eye hospital given sight awards

Professor Andy McNaught
The invention of the camera won the Medical Futures Innovation award

Cheltenham eye hospital has received two top national awards for finding new ways of saving sight.

One of the awards is for inventing a machine that examines patients' retinas using military technology usually used by tanks to target their weapons.

A chance meeting with a military scientist introduced Professor Andy McNaught to the technology.

The hospital also won an award for a computer system which identifies the success rates of individual surgeons.

Audrey Lennon Brown, who suddenly went blind in one eye, attended a check-up at the hospital where the new camera was used to spot tiny abnormalities in the oxygen supply to the back of her eye.

She has since been successfully treated.

The invention of the camera won the Medical Futures Innovation award.

Prof McNaught said the advantage of the camera was that it was a non-invasive procedure and "perfectly safe" for patients.

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