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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 10:01 GMT
Prince opens Highgrove shop
Exterior of the shop
Profits from the shop with go to the Prince's Charities Foundation
The Prince of Wales has opened a new shop at his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire.

The Highgrove Shop in Long Street, Tetbury, stocks products such as organic food, drink and kitchenware.

Previously, the branded goods were only available to guests of the house and gardens.

Profits from the new shop will go to Prince Charles' Charities Foundation, to be distributed to various causes and projects.

The Highgrove Shop is built on the site of what was thought to have originally been a brewery.

Its products come from the estate, from the Duchy Home Farm and from other ethical and sustainable sources.

A spokesman for Prince Charles said the new shop would help to increase the number of visitors to Tetbury and "augment trade for many local businesses".

The Prince was recently dropped by Sainsburys as a supplier

One of the Prince's product developers, Josie Creed, said: "It is an opportunity to generate income for his charity.

"And it is an opportunity to promote some of the things he believes very strongly in - so we have worked with local suppliers, for example."

The Prince is well-known for his interest in organic food and food production, and has recently published a book of recipes.

But, he was also recently dropped by Sainsbury's as a supplier. The company said the organic vegetables did not meet the right standards.

Prince Charles meets staff as trading begins


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