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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 January 2008, 15:08 GMT
Wild boar shot on school grounds
A wild boar has been shot dead at a primary school in Gloucestershire.

The adult male had been seen in the area around Ruardean Primary, in the Forest of Dean, on several occasions.

The animal entered the school's fenced off area on Thursday morning and staff called the Forestry Commission, which sent a ranger to the school.

The boar became aggressive, stomping its feet and charging. Concerned for the children's safety, the ranger destroyed the animal.

Staff said the alarmed children, aged four to 11, were taken inside before the boar was shot and a special assembly was held to explain why the measure had been deemed necessary.

Head teacher Peter Knight said: "The school took the decision to call the Forestry Commission for advice and to ensure the safety of the pupils, parents and staff.

"We did try to avoid this situation, but the safety of our pupils, staff and parents has to be the priority."

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