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Last Updated: Monday, 19 November 2007, 18:03 GMT
Residents welcome new flood guide
Cypress Gardens in Gloucester was flooded twice over summer
Cypress Gardens in Gloucester was flooded twice over the summer
Victims of the summer flooding in Gloucestershire have welcomed a new guide containing essential information on how to get flood assistance.

Families living in Cypress Gardens, Gloucester, who were flooded twice say the situation for them has not yet improved making the guide timely.

"We don't have the defences we need yet," said Kelly Bartlett, who chairs the Longlevens residents' committee.

"The sadness is the flooding could well happen again," she added.

Ms Bartlett, 27, was consulted by Gloucestershire County Council throughout the process of creating the guide.

An emergency 'pull-out' guide
Information about the ongoing flood recovery operation
How to find out if your home is at risk and how to protect it against flood damage
Health and safety advice, insurance advice and help with financial hardship

Over the coming four weeks it will be sent to 262,000 households as part of a countywide campaign to support the ongoing recovery operation.

"No-one could have foreseen the devastation over the summer," she said.

"But we don't have the defences we need yet, things haven't improved so that we can go home and feel confident our homes have been adequately defended."

Kelly Bartlett whose home in Cypress Gardens was flooded with the new flood guide
Water was at waist height in Kelly Bartlett's house during the floods

The free guide also provides advice for dealing with floods or loss of water and power in the future.

Copies will be available in libraries, GP surgeries and on council websites.

"For many of us, when you're flooded you're in absolute panic, you can't lay your hands to insurance documents or to what local number you're supposed to call so the main benefit of this is that it gives all the numbers in one place," Ms Bartlett added.

"In my case, within 10 minutes the water came to over my waist. Really there was nobody to help and we were told later at the inquiry we had to help ourselves as the emergency services are not always able to help everyone.

"I think this guide has to be coupled with setting up community groups who will help each other locally which we have done and I think this is the only way to get the full potential from the guide."

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