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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK
Minister visits flooded out town
Tewkesbury, pic by Tom Berry
More than 100 homes have no power, pic by Tom Berry
The flood recovery minister has visited Tewkesbury as emergency services work to restore power to hundreds of homes in the town.

John Healey said it was impossible to rule out having to deal with such severe flooding in the future.

Arriving in an amphibious vehicle, Mr Healy added that restoring water supplies to the area was now the main priority.

Some 350,000 people across the county have no running water in their homes.

"Nobody is going to promise that we won't see this sort of weather in the future, Mr Healey said.

"What we are coping with is a level of severe weather that we have just not seen before.

"With the best defences and planning in the world we are still going to have problems."

The minister spent the morning visiting Gold Command based at Gloucester Police Headquarters, and Walham substation which had been critically threatened by rising levels of floodwater on Monday.

The flooding has receded across Tewkesbury, but more than 100 homes are still inundated and many roads remain flooded.

The town remains accessible only by boat.

More than 100 homes have no electricity as their local substation is flooded.

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