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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 July 2007, 18:29 GMT 19:29 UK
Film highlights ketamine danger
Children in the Forest of Dean are helping police produce a cinema trailer highlighting the dangers of using the class C drug ketamine.

The film uses 15 pupils from Whitecross School, Lydney, to show what happens what happens when a teenager is rushed into hospital after sampling the drug.

Pc Rory Jarrett from the town said the film was not intended to scare people but make them aware of all the facts.

It is due to be shown at the Studio Cinema, Coleford, in July and August.

Peer message

Whitecross School's headteacher David Gaston said. "Substance abuse and drugs are an issue in all schools to varying degrees.

"One of the best ways to communicate with young people is through young people, they listen to each other much more than they're prepared to listen to someone of another generation and through drama you can convey very powerful messages," he said.

The film was produced and edited by media students from Gloscat.

Ketamine is normally used as an anaesthetic for farm animals or humans.

Police target ketamine suppliers
21 May 07 |  Somerset


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