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Artist feasts on roadkill remains
Adam Morrigan alongside his work
Mr Morrigan's work is causing a stir in the art world
A Gloucestershire artist is charging 35,000 for his unusual artwork featuring the remains of a fox and hare killed on the road.

Adam Morrigan, 38, from Horsley, collects the carcases and, depending on what has been found, eats the meat before using the remains for his work.

Despite the seemingly limited appeal, his work is commanding high prices and creating a stir in the art world.

He said he is more interested in provoking a reaction than making money.

"Most people look at that piece [the fox and hare] in horror. But it's deliberately confrontational.

Badger tastes like pork, and squirrel is quite nutty
Adam Morrigan

"It's not how they would've existed in the nature and it's framed in a particular way that conflicts," he said.

Mr Morrigan has a "roadkill hotline" for people to call when they spot a flattened animal on the roadside.

The father-of-three said: "I myself eat the road kill. Badger tastes like pork, and squirrel is quite nutty.

"We're told these things are not edible because we're conditioned to think of them as vermin."


He admits many people cringe at the thought of having his work adorning their walls at home.

He said: "The whole process of using roadkill is to highlight how we have become alienated from the natural world.

"People leave the animals on the road because they have a number of cars behind them. We don't pick them up, because we have the pressure of our daily lives pushing us forward.

"But we have this emotional connection to these animals. When we hit one we feel something."

One of his four exhibits - entitled Road Kill (Absolution and Redemption) features a dead hare and a fox held in a frame made out of man-made fibre.

His work is on show at Griffin Mill, near Stroud, as part of the town's arts festival.

Adam Morrigan collecting roadkill for his art

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