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Last Updated: Monday, 5 March 2007, 17:18 GMT
CPS manager admits sexual assault
A senior manager with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenager and possessing class A drugs.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how William Hollins, 42, regional manager for Gloucestershire CPS, molested the boy between June and September 2005.

Hollins, of Binton, Warks., pleaded guilty the day he was to stand trial.

Another offence of sexual activity with a 16-year-old boy and one of sexual assault were ordered to lie on file.

Hollins is the chairman of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network (LGBT) within the organisation which he set up in 2002.

He will sentenced for the two offences of sexual assault and one of possessing cocaine on Tuesday.

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