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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 February 2007, 21:25 GMT
Plan for night shelter suggested
Tony Lockey
Mr Lockey has been off the streets for two years
A man from Cheltenham, who was once homeless, is trying to set up the town's first emergency night shelter.

Tony Lockey said he was disgusted that Gloucestershire only has one refuge for homeless people and thinks the town is big enough for its own.

He said each night there are more than 30 people sleeping rough and he wants to help them regain their independence.

Cheltenham borough council said it had a number of plans in place aimed at preventing homelessness in the town.

Mr Lockey has been off the streets for two years and is now trying to find a private backer for a shelter.

Brian Jones, who has worked for Gloucestershire emergency shelter for more than 10 years, said its centre only opened after five-year's research was done into possible numbers.

"We found on any one night about 25 to 30 people actually sleeping rough on the streets [of Gloucester].

"I remain to be convinced there are 33 people actually sleeping out in Cheltenham," he said.

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