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Three jailed over shed prisoner
Kevin Davies

Three people who kept an epileptic man prisoner in a garden shed in Gloucestershire for six weeks have been jailed at Bristol Crown Court.

Kevin Davies, 29, was found dead by paramedics at a house in Badgers Way, Bream on 26 September 2006.

Amanda Baggus, who owned the shed, and her boyfriend David Lehane have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Scott Andrews, who helped Baggus and Lehane keep Mr Davies prisoner, was sentenced to nine years.

In her diary Baggus wrote about the punishments they inflicted on Kevin Davies and noted his cries for help.

'Systematic torture'

They also made a hostage-style video of him in which they forced him to say he was being "fed perfectly".

In fact he was being fed only scraps.

L to R: David Lehane, Amanda Baggus and Scott Andrews
The trio repeatedly tortured Kevin Davies in the shed

"The circumstances as a whole are extraordinary and the video you might expect to see come out of the Middle East but certainly not the Forest of Dean," said Det Chief Insp Geoff Brookes of Gloucestershire Police.

Ian Pringle, prosecuting, told the court that Mr Davies had been treated like an animal by the trio.

"He had been assaulted, he had been beaten and he had effectively been kept like a dog in a locked garden shed at night.

"In short, the last few months of this man's life must have been utterly miserable and inhumane.

"There was bruising to the right upper arm, to the left upper arm, to both legs, to the lower jaw both left and right, and there were burn marks which a pathologist described could have been caused by a hot knife.

"There was also a burn mark which could have been caused by a corrosive liquid. There were fractures to his ribs and he had suffered a fractured larynx.

"Burn marks covered 10% of the victim's body area."

'Truly appalling'

Kevin Davies had known both Lehane and Baggus for some years, but fell out with them after a car crash in May last year.

The court heard that Baggus had blamed Mr Davies after a car had overturned and that it was this incident that was to kick-start their systematic torture and abuse of the victim.

inside the shed
Kevin Davies was kept inside the shed for six weeks

Originally the trio were charged with murder but the charge was dropped after experts ruled it was impossible to say whether Mr Davies' epilepsy could have contributed to his death.

Lehane, 35, and Baggus, 26, both from Badgers Way, and Andrews, 27, of Hathaway Close, Gloucester, all pleaded guilty in May to false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Sentencing the three, the judge at Bristol Crown Court said: "Kevin Davies had been a vulnerable young man, gullible and naive."

He also told the three that what they had done was "truly appalling and utterly inhumane."

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