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Victim had to make hostage video

Left to right: David Lehane, Amanda Baggus and Scott Andrews
A diary entry details the horrific abuse inflicted on Kevin Davies
Not content with keeping Kevin Davies prisoner in a garden shed for six weeks, his captors also forced him to make a disturbing hostage-style video.

In it an emaciated, weak and scared looking Kevin tells the camera he is being fed perfectly.

But in fact he was given only a few potato peelings and other scraps and there were traces of weed killer in his body when he died.

Kevin Davies was beaten and burned repeatedly in a shed belonging to Amanda Baggus and her boyfriend David Lehane at a house in Badgers Way, Bream, Gloucestershire, and only allowed out to do chores for his captors.

Murder charges dropped

He was found dead at the house on 26 September 2006.

Baggus and Lehane pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and assault along with their friend, Scott Andrews from Gloucester.

From an entry in Amanda Baggus' diary it is believed the trio was angry about an unpaid debt.

The diary entry also details how the three kept their victim from escaping and inflicted horrific abuse.

Kevin Davies
Mr Davies was found dead by ambulance staff

Because Kevin Davis was epileptic and it was possible that his death was the result of a fit, murder charges were dropped - something that still angers his family.

"They have got away with murder and I will say that until the day I die," said Kevin's mother.

Kevin did call his mother and step-father last summer and told them he was fine. Now they realise he did it under duress.

"I just can't believe that anybody could be so cruel. I just still can't get my head round it. It just seems unreal. It gives you nightmares, it's on your mind 24/7 - it's just all the time thinking about him. I just don't know how they got away with it for so long," said his mother.

The shed has now been replaced by the new tenants of the house but neighbours in the village of Bream cannot believe that in a quiet cul-de-sac they had no idea what was happening.

Prolonged brutality

On one occasion a teenager's younger brother kicked a football near to the shed causing Kevin Davies's captors to go berserk.

"In a few seconds of him being up there looking in the garden, they were out coming on the estate, shouting and raving, using dreadful language - totally inappropriate - just going basically crazy over someone going so near to their garden.

"Now, it is obvious why they acted in so strangely."

The police say the prolonged brutality of this extraordinary crime makes it quite unprecedented.

Kevin's family say he was a vulnerable young man who trusted people too easily and it cost him his life.

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