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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 June 2006, 21:23 GMT 22:23 UK
Crime suspect ends rooftop siege
Rooftop siege
Bricks were thrown during the incident
A suspected car thief who spent almost 20 hours on a rooftop in Gloucester has given himself up to police.

A large area around Midland Road was sealed off after a 27-year-old man started dismantling a chimney and throwing bricks at passers-by.

His actions left cars smashed inside the police cordon.

Police with riot shields moved people living in the flats underneath to prevent them being hit. The man was arrested as he gave himself up.

Crowd cheered

He had earlier climbed up a drainpipe at about 0200 BST on Tuesday to evade arrest on suspicion of theft, said police.

At 2140 BST, specialist negotiators persuaded the man to surrender to police as a large crowd of spectators cheered.

He had escaped onto the roof following a police pursuit of a car from Cheltenham to Gloucester on Monday night. The vehicle was eventually abandoned in the Tredworth area of the city.

Two men, aged 28 and 45, were also arrested and were being questioned at Gloucester police station.

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