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Last Updated: Friday, 2 June 2006, 16:48 GMT 17:48 UK
Prayer helps celebrate World Cup
A football-inspired prayer to unite World Cup fans across the globe will be read at a special cathedral service.

The poem written by Lynne Chitty, lay assistant at Gloucester Cathedral, calls on the public to be inspired by football skills to lead better lives.

It reads: "As goalkeepers may we keep out the fierce shots of prejudice, racism and greed, saving others from the penalties of poverty and disease."

The prayer will form part of a service for football fans on 10 June.

When we are strikers, may integrity, justice and compassion be the goals we would score

And when we are on the subs bench, keep us faithful, cheering on others and inspiring them with fresh belief and energy when we are called to put on our boots

World Cup Prayer

Ms Chitty said: "The prayer celebrates the richness and diversity of life, and the importance of respecting other countries' strengths and cultures."

Dean of Gloucester - and Liverpool fan - the Very Rev Nicholas Bury, said he hoped fans would find strength though the game.

"The World Cup is an extraordinary event which brings together people of all races and cultures," he said.

"Sport can be a wonderful thing and we can learn through the prayer that we should have concern for our rivals rather than being confrontational."

World Cup prayer
02 Jun 06 |  Gloucestershire


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