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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 April 2006, 14:55 GMT 15:55 UK
Bus ride banned amid safety fears
A police support officer could not use a bus to travel to his village beat because of health and safety fears.

The situation began in January, when Police Community Support Officer Ian Yeomans failed to attend a parish council meeting.

It emerged that he did not have his own transport, but could not use the bus until a health and safety assessment was carried out.

Gloucestershire police said the problem had now been resolved.

Equipment difficulties

Inspector Steve Williams said: "There were two difficulties with using a bus - the amount of equipment our officers have to carry and communication.

"We obviously have a duty of care and have to assess the health and safety aspects and logistics of the situation.

"These assessments have now taken place and I'm quite happy to have staff use buses and we can put in place measures to overcome communication problems."

Parish council chairman Mike Stuart, who first raised concerns about the situation, now accepts there were difficulties.

He said: "In a car it's different and there are electronics that can boost the signal, but on a bus he would just have his walkie-talkie."

PCSO Yeomans is now carrying out his duties in a car.

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