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Severn Bore surfer breaks record
Surfers riding the Severn Bore
This year's spring tides have brought impressive four-star bores
A surfer who rode the Severn Bore for more than seven miles broke a world surfing record, it has been confirmed.

Railway engineer Steve King's trip on the tidal wave was the longest continuous surf ride according to the British Surfing Association.

Mr King, 41, of Saul, Gloucestershire, took an hour and 16 minutes to complete the journey, reaching speeds of up to 20mph, on Friday 30 March.

The previous record was held by Brazilian surfer Serghino Laus.

Mr Laus - a friend of Mr King - rode a tide on the Araguari river in Brazil, for 6.3 miles.

Spring tides

The Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world - the Severn Bore can reach up to 2m (6ft) in height, particularly during spring tides.

Steve King, the surfer who rode the Severn Bore tidal wave 7.6 miles
It takes some skill, but it also takes a lot of luck to surf the bore
Steve King

Hundreds of surfers and sightseers come to the river to watch or ride the tide - Mr King has surfed it more than 100 times in 20 years.

He said: "I hadn't planned to go for a record attempt because I didn't think the conditions were that good, but I had been going for a distance, hadn't fallen off and the wave still hadn't broken.

"I thought 'hang on' there a good chance of breaking the record here.

"It takes some skill but it also takes a lot of luck to surf the bore.

"There was nobody more surprised than me when I realised I had broken the record.

"It was totally unexpected and it was doubly pleasing to break it in my own back yard."

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