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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2006, 07:28 GMT 08:28 UK
Disliked speed bumps under review
Speed humps
Some car and bus drivers claim the bumps damage their vehicles
A review of speed humps in Gloucester is to be carried out following many years of complaints by motorists.

City council leaders are proposing to look at nine roads in Longlevens after a survey showed that 70% of residents disliked them.

Most of Gloucester's humps were installed during the last decade as part of a road safety experiment called The Safer City Project.

Some motorists and bus drivers claimed the bumps damaged their vehicles.


Sholto Thomas, director of operations for Stagecoach, said: "The driver and passengers in the back seats get catapulted a bit, it's almost like a springboard effect.

"We're talking about damage to the bus at times and also injuries to passengers if the driver takes a hump too fast."

Jim Porter, who runs the Oxtalls service garage in Longlevens, added: "It throws the tracking out on the front wheels, the tyres wear unevenly."

The city council said the 5m Safer City Project had significantly cut the number of road deaths and serious injury accidents locally.

But the cabinet will look at the issue next week and consider proposals to remove unpopular speed bumps and modify others.

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