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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 14:44 GMT
Police probe 'anti-hunt attacks'
Police are investigating an alleged assault on eight anti-hunt supporters in Gloucestershire which left two requiring hospital treatment.

The Hunt Saboteurs' Association said their members were attacked on Saturday at a meeting of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' hunt in Sandhurst.

"Two were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and one with a fractured cheekbone," a spokesman said.

A police spokesman said: We are investigating the allegations."

Dawn Preston, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, said: "It appears that, as ever, the hunt saboteurs were too successful at their job - and paid for it by being subjected to a severe beating.

"Despite the fact that illegal hunting had been reported to the police in attendance, they had declined to act to enforce the law."


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