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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 March 2006, 21:31 GMT
Bullied girl is sent hate email
Bullying victim Steph Godwin
Steph says she was spat at and punched while at school
The mother of a Gloucestershire girl who left school to escape bullying but was sent hate emails at home, has set up a website to help other victims.

Thirteen-year-old Steph Godwin's life was made a misery when the bullies tracked her to her home computer.

When her mother found a message which read "I h8 u bitch" she decided to make a stand.

She set up 'All Schooled Out' for children and their parents to get help to put an end to bullying problems.

Steph now has all her lessons at home.

I used to hide in bushes so they wouldn't find me
Steph Godwin

"At school they used to kick me and push me over and punch me and they used to spit orange juice in my face and spit water from their mouths over me," said Steph.

"I used to hide in bushes so they wouldn't find me and now it feels like it's all coming back because they know my number and where I live."

Greg Burcher, 13, was being bullied like Steph and has found the website to be a real lifeline.

"Greg was suicidal, he was really bad with it," said his mother Tina Burcher.

"Now he's talking to two other children who have been through it too and he's far more confident now."

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