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Iron Age tourist camp set to open
Artist's impression
Visitors can stay for up to a week living in communal roundhouses
A new attraction which offers visitors the chance to experience life as an Iron Age villager opens this weekend.

The Cinderbury settlement near Coleford in the Forest of Dean, includes several roundhouses, an iron smelting furnace, pottery kiln and clay-domed bread oven.

People can visit for the day, for a weekend, or experience an entire week, where they will wear authentic clothes, forage for food or learn to weave.

Director Jasper Blake said Cinderbury aims to be both fun and education.

Raw materials

"The idea is that they come and experience some of the life an Iron Age person might have lived," he said.

"We don't want to make it a survival holiday, we want people to get back in touch with raw materials like wood and iron and stone."
Jasper Blake and Sheila Taylor
The co-directors hope to inspire interest in archaeology

Those braving a week's stay will live in a communal roundhouse, sleeping on animal skins, existing on a pre-Roman diet which excludes caffeine, sweets or potatoes and using compost-style toilets.

No mobile phones, wrist watches or any modern accessories will be allowed, although "tribal staff" will have access to telephones for emergencies.

"It's not the only thing, we are open to day visitors and school parties, it's very much an educational type project," said Mr Blake, who hopes to inspire an interest in archaeology.

Plans for Iron Age tourist camp
13 Sep 04 |  Gloucestershire


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