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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 11:17 GMT
Man 'died 32 times in 20 minutes'
A heart patient has spoken of how he "died" 32 times in just 20 minutes before doctors stabilised him.

Leslie Hackwell survived a succession of cardiac arrests after suffering an attack at his home earlier this year.

The father-of-four, from Gloucester, who was resuscitated after each attack, praised the doctors who saved him.

"I was neither alive or dead. It was really quite remarkable that they managed to save me. They did an unbelievable job," he said.

There were no angels, or halos or anything like that. I just think it wasn't my time to go
Leslie Hackwell

Mr Hackwell was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the early hours of 12 July suffering from a coronary heart attack.

"Not long after I got to A & E, I suffered two cardiac arrests," he said.

"It had already been quite an ordeal but when I was taken up to the coronary ward, I flat-lined 32 times in 20 minutes."

Cardiologist Dr Nick West said it was unusual for a patient to suffer so many cardiac arrests.

Clot-busting drug

He explained a clot-busting drug given to Mr Hackwell to re-open a closed artery, sometimes causes the heart to beat out of rhythm, leading to arrest.

"He was lucky he came to hospital so soon, that he took the clot-busting drug very quickly" said Dr West.

Mr Hackwell, who had led a healthy lifestyle before his heart attack, added: "There were no angels, or halos or anything like that. I just think it wasn't my time to go."

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