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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March, 2005, 14:21 GMT
Tourists get wild boar protection
Wild boar
The boars can be shot
Campsites in Gloucestershire are to be protected from wild boar attacks with wire mesh fences.

The Forestry Commission will erect two four-foot barriers around campsites in the Forest of Dean that are vulnerable to attack from the animals.

A 40-strong herd of the pigs has been roaming the forest since December of last year.

The fences will run for one and a half miles, and be placed around sites in the Berry Hill area, near Coleford.

Rob Guest, the Forestry Commission's deputy surveyor, said the pigs had been damaging campsites in the area.

Can be shot

"They have been digging up areas around the forest and have now got on to the sites, causing damage.

"At the moment the pigs are still pretty tame, they tend to run towards people rather than run away from them.

"The fences will help protect the campsites but they will also protect campers as we don't want a situation where the pigs are attracted to the sites by the smell of food.

"Having a pig in your tent would not be a nice situation," he added.

Forest managers fear the herd will revert to natural wild boar behaviour and gain a permanent foothold in the forest ecosystem.

Earlier this year Gloucestershire Trading standards confirmed that the animals, which can grow to 6ft in length, can be shot if found on private land.

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