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Last Updated: Monday, 19 September 2005, 07:56 GMT 08:56 UK
New proposal to help cut speeding
Removing road signs and traffic calming measures is being considered as a proposal to help cut speeding on minor roads in Gloucestershire.

The idea, part of the Great Gloucestershire Debate, is to make motorists think for themselves.

'Designing out' traffic measures has already been proved to reduce accident rates in Holland and Germany, says the county council.

A conference is planned to discuss the benefits of the road safety concept.

'Increased danger'

Derek Harrison, Gloucestershire Police's architectural liaison officer, said: "Up to now, road improvements have often involved smoothing corners and widening roads, which has encouraged more speed, usually with less care.

"This has increased danger to local communities, to wildlife and other road users walking cycling and riding.

"In towns, so-called 'rat-running', to avoid the frustration of yet more and more traffic lights, has increased the need to consider ways of making the motorist slow down in residential streets.

"Creating a shared space that is no longer a road, but a place where you will find vehicles and people walking and children playing, is the vision shared by many environmental and road safety campaigners," he added.

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