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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 18:12 GMT
Porcupine captured near bus stop
The porcupine
The animals use their sharp quills for defence
An African porcupine, which had been on the run for two weeks in the Forest of Dean, has finally been captured.

A passer-by called the police after spotting the rodent near a bus stop at Knockley Patch, Bream, on Saturday.

A police spokesman said they contacted the RSPCA because of safety concerns about the animal's detachable quills, which could become embedded in skin.

The porcupine, which is bigger than a badger, is being cared for at the Vale Wildlife Rescue centre near Tewkesbury.

Safari park

Martin Brookes, from the rescue centre, said a licence was required to own a porcupine because they are considered dangerous.

The animals use their long sharp quills for defence.

Police had previously warned the public not to approach the creature, whose quills can be painful or even fatal if embedded in skin.

Mr Brookes said the porcupine had probably been lost by its owner, and unless it was claimed it would be re-homed permanently in a wildlife or safari park.

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