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Last Updated: Sunday, 12 December, 2004, 12:02 GMT
Hate mail for 'tacky' Xmas lights
The house
The couple say they have the support of people in the village
A couple in the Cotswolds were sent a poison-pen letter about their single string of white Christmas lights.

Carol and Roger Knapp, of Gotherington received the letter anonymously, after moving to the village nine months ago.

It said: "Your dull, ugly front garden and tacky tawdry lights fail to reflect our village image. Please do what you can to improve matters. Thank you."

Carol Knapp, 48, said the letter had made her angry: "I think it is bullying and intimidating and cowardly."

She added: "When I opened it, it really took the wind out of my sails. As the words sunk in I became really upset and then angry.

The letter
We really wanted to enjoy this Christmas because last year my father-in-law died
Carol Knapp

"My husband and I moved into our bungalow in March and have worked endlessly on it ever since.

"We must have spent 4,000 doing up the front and back gardens, putting in a patio, plants and fencing.

"And as for the criticism of the lights - it's a single white string of lights - not anything tasteless. Believe it or not - it's the first time I've ever bought any.

"We really wanted to enjoy this Christmas because last year my father-in-law died so we didn't celebrate much. We didn't even put up a tree.

The local vicar, the Reverend Jean Wilby, told the BBC: "I have seen the lights and thought they looked quite nice.

"I had thought I would go and see the couple and express how sorry I was that this had happened. Anonymous letters are appalling."


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